Lindsey and Kelsey Build a Robot er… Pigbot

When some families get together, they do activities like jigsaw puzzles or craft projects.  Not ours.  While my daughters were home for the Christmas break, they wanted to try their hands at building a robot.  We talked about simple “My First Robot” projects and came up with a robot design they felt comfortable with.  Then I gave them all the parts they needed and stood by to help where needed and then they got to work.

Of course, Lindsey and Kelsey can’t do things the plain & simple way so it took about three minutes for them to decide that this wasn’t going to be a simple, unadorned robot.  Due to their mutual love for teacup pigs, this robot was going to be Pigbot, complete with snout, ears and a tail.


It is a pretty simple robot – two servos for drive motors and three contact switches on the front to detect when it runs into something.  Here’s a video of it in action –

And to answer your unasked question – they are 24 and 21.  Still my babies.Image


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