Upgraded sensor and sensor mount

Listen to the throaty rumble of the supercharged big-block in this robot. You doubt that the rover has a big-block, much less a supercharger? Go ahead and click play and tell me what it sounds like.

Okay… I confess. That noise is just the noise of the servo moving back and forth. It isn’t that loud in real life but for some reason the mic on the phone makes it sound more significant than it really is. The only IC in this robot stands for Integrated Circuit, not Internal Combustion.

What you’re looking at is an upgraded proximity sensor. The original Infrared proximity sensor was simply glued to the front bumper which meant that it couldn’t detect objects on an angle. The new ultrasonic sensor has better range and better accuracy and is mounted on a micro-servo. The servo mount is HDPE and you can probably tell it was handcrafted.

If you have a keen eye, you can see that the servo is being driven by an Arduino Uno sitting on the desk, not the Arduino Micro that is under the hood. This is a better setup for testing. The Micro is considerably smaller and more difficult to use when experimenting.

This weekend I’ll tie the new hardware into the control system and show off some (hopefully) fancy maneuvering. Ideally, these won’t involve any unexpected stairways. 🙂


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