The $1.00 Robot

While rummaging through the toy section at the Arc the other day, I spied a busted-up remote control car.  It had clearly been stepped on or otherwise abused since parts were missing off the body.  Plus, the remote control unit was nowhere to be found.  So I was I able to get this gem for just one dollar.

ImageOne Man’s Trash…

When I got home, I took off the cracked body, removed the control board from inside, cleaned the battery compartment where the batteries had leaked and made sure that the motors worked.  Then I rubber-banded an Arduino and motor shield to the top and mounted an infrared distance sensor to the front.  A few minutes of programming and voila… what used to be a busted RC toy was now an obstacle-avoiding robot.  Go watch the little guy in action.

While it may not look any prettier than when I got it, the result was well worth the dollar I invested.

…is another man’s treasure


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