If We Learn From Our Mistakes, I Just Got a Little Smarter

Here’s a little project that didn’t work out quite the I had hoped.  I decided to try my hand at soldering together a custom circuit on a prototype board for controlling a 2WD robot.  My hope was that I could make a smaller board that would do just those things I needed for the $1.00 Robot.  Did I mention that I picked up a soldering iron for the first time ever just three weeks ago?  It turns out that laying out a board and soldering it is a skill I don’t have yet.

If a well-designed board with quality soldering is a work of art, then this is the equivalent of a finger-painting hanging on the refrigerator.  I made so many mistakes when I was doing this that I’m surprised it worked at all.  But it did work.  For a while.  Kinda sorta.  The vehicle was slow and once it heated up, the right motor stopped working.  I guess there is a bad solder joint in there.  Fortunately, I have a store-bought motor-shield that I can use in its place.  But I got some invaluable experience at soldering and hopefully my next effort will turn out a little better.Image




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