A Piece of Pi

(Originally posted Oct 9 2013)

My Raspberry Pi Experimentation Kit arrived in the mail today so I spent the evening getting it all setup and doing my first project.

BRADLab – Brad’s Research And Development Laboratory

In case you’re curious, the items in the picture are (working clockwise from the upper left):

  • A powered USB hub with keyboard, mouse, flash drive and wireless USB attached
  • The Pi itself in its plastic enclosure.  The wires coming from it are USB, HDMI, power and the ribbon cable.
  • A cheap multi-meter.
  • The project breadboard with two LEDs and two resistors attached.
  • A keyboard (I bet you figured that out on your own)

The project was simple – write a Python script that turns on the green LED for one second, then the red LED for one second, then the green, the red, etc forever.  You can’t see the blinking lights in the picture so you’ll have to take my word that it works.

I went slow just to make sure that I didn’t hork anything up but it was really very simple.  Coding the Pi can be done with the keyboard & monitor I have hooked up but to make it easy on me, I set it up so I can access the Pi remotely from my laptop.  That way I can do most of my typing from the comfort of my couch.

Okay, this isn’t too impressive so far but it proves that the Pi, the breadboard and the development environment are all working and that is a good start.  Tomorrow I’ll start working through some more of the tutorials.  The Arduino will arrive in a few days and I want to get a good start with Pi before it gets here.


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