The Chassis Arrives

(Originally posted Oct 16, 2013)

The vehicle chassis for my prototype rover-bot arrived yesterday.  I ordered it from a company in Australia but it arrived with customs stickers showing that it came from China.  On the customs form, the contents of the package was simply “Gadget”.

sku_152992_1[1]  sku_152992_6[1]

A Bunch of Parts Waiting to Become a Robot and the Completed Chassis

Regardless, it was exactly as advertised and all the pieces were there.  Teri and I spent the evening assembling the chassis, soldering leads to the motors and then testing the current draw on each of them.  After finding the most closely matched pairs of motors and mounting them on opposite sides, we  let the vehicle run across the room (unguided) and it went straight and true.

The next step is to take the “light chaser” circuit and code from the Model A Mark I (i.e. the simple plastic box with two motors & wheels hot-glued to the bottom) and transfer it to this chassis.  That will become Model B Mark I, which will be the testbed for development.  Once that is working, I’ll start adding sensors and cameras.

This chassis is too small to be the final product but it will allow me to do a lot of R&D so I can properly design the Model C.


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