The latest version of the rover is called Parkerbot.  Parker’s favorite game is to chase a light across the floor and that is exactly what the rover does now.  However, the rover doesn’t knock over furniture, step on my toes or fling spittle across the room as it moves around.  Maybe I’ll add those features later on.

During my tests last night I had to lock Parker out since he kept jumping right in the middle of the game and chasing the light himself (and stepping on the rover in the process).  Apparently he thinks that the new, funny looking dog shouldn’t have all the fun.  Unfortunately I can’t post any video of these tests since the room had to be pretty dark to give the best results.

Last night I fixed the problem that prevented the wheels from moving.  After that, it all came together easily.  The rover now moves quickly and consistently across hardwood and carpet.  Using two photoresistors mounted in the front, it constantly moves toward the strongest source of light.  From a technical perspective, this is big news since it demonstrates a closed-loop guidance system.

Tonight, my friends at USPS should deliver my new high-capacity battery pack and I can start working on the Mark II version.  Rover B Mark II will have an ultrasonic range finder and the Pi will be hooked in as the master control unit.The rangefinder will allow me to do obstacle avoidance and the Pi, with its wireless connection, will give me a remote override capability.


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